Dog rescued from Bath football stand by crews

Hanna Close, Twerton, Bath

Firefighters were able to give a dog's owners an early Christmas present by reuniting them with their pet who had become trapped under a concrete football stand.

Taz, the Patterdale Terrier, had become stuck under the structure after finding his way into the Twerton Park ground before getting wedged. With his owners unable to find or rescue him, two crews from Bath Fire Station were called into assist.

Firefighters worked to identify the dog's location before removing sections of the concrete stand in order to rescue Taz. Once crews reached the terrier they found he was still pinched between the bottom of the stand and soil and rubble below. Firefighters were able to dig out the ground around Taz before pulling him to safety through the gap.

Once free, he was reunited, unhurt, with his extremely grateful owners.