What our priorities are and how are we doing

Avon Fire & Rescue Service has three strategic aims:

  • To make the Avon area safer by preventing, protecting and responding.
  • Becoming more efficient, effective and economical.
  • Continuing to ensure our staff are well supported and their health, safety and welfare are a priority. 

These aims result in additional specific objectives, strategies and plans. The most significant of these are:


To ensure we are achieving our objectives we have a range of performance indicators (most of which are based on Government Fire Service Performance Measures). The most significant headline performance figures are published monthly and then annually on our performance pages via the above link. 

Corporate Governance and Assurance

This link provides access to our governance documents, which demonstrate how we manage the spending of taxpayers’ money and provide an economic, effective and efficient Fire Service.


To ensure transparency, we are regularly audited in many aspects of our work. The above link provides access to our audit documents and results.

For further information about our performance and how it compares to the rest of the United Kingdom, please visit the Local audit pages on the .gov website


This link provides access to the Avon Fire Authority Anti-fraud and Anti-corruption Strategy and associated fraud and confidential reporting code.