Privacy statement for Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) consultation survey

Data collection and processing

  • SurveyMonkey - AF&RS has an agreement with SurveyMonkey Europe, which is based in Ireland, to facilitate the collection of the survey data, and data obtained by the survey will be held via SurveyMonkey’s servers located in the USA.

AF&RS retain the ownership of the data captured by the survey and SurveyMonkey will process the survey data on behalf of and under AF&RS’s instructions. Please click here to access SurveyMonkey’s privacy statement.

  • The survey does not collect respondents’ contact details and completion is anonymous.
  • AF&RS will use the data collected by the survey questions for IRMP consultation process only and for not for any other purpose.
  • AF&RS will only retain the data captured by the survey for as long as necessary to aid the consultation process and will securely dispose of the data once it has served its purpose.
  • Individual responses to the survey will processed and aggregated by AF&RS staff who are administering the process and before sharing any data with either AF&RS senior management, members of the Avon Fire Authority and external consultants (who are appointed on behalf of AF&RS to interpret the survey results).
  • At the end of the survey questions, we also invite you to complete a Monitoring Form (about you), which is optional.  This data will not form part of the Integrated Risk Management Plan process but will be retained by AF&RS to assist us to evaluate our approach to reaching out to the various community groups and that our services are delivered fairly.  Any monitoring data will remain anonymous and be aggregated before it is shared - therefore, there will be no way of AF&RS identifying who has provided individual responses.
  • The data that you provide will not be subject to any auto-decision making processing that will affect you.
  • AF&RS does not collect respondents’ contact details for the purpose of completing our IRMP consultation survey.  However, it is being hosted by a third party provider which may use the opportunity to promote other services to you once the consultation survey has been completed.  It is your decision whether or not you choose to participate in those services.  Please note that such services have no connection to AF&RS.
  • Any collection and processing of personal data will be subject to the Data Protection Act 1998.

Further information

AF&RS Privacy Statement:

Information about Data Protection within AF&RS, and your rights under the Data Protection Act is available on our AF&RS website

If you require further assistance when completing or after completion of this survey please contact Avon Fire & Rescue Service, Temple Back, Bristol, BS1 6EU.

By ticking the consent box on the survey you agree for AF&RS to use your data as described above.