Ordinary people, extraordinary careers

Are you about to leave school or college and wondering what to do next?

With so many options and ideas floating about it can be a pretty confusing time, but have you thought about a career in the fire and rescue service?

Ask most people what Avon Fire & Rescue Service does and they'll say that the we just put out fires, but there really is a lot more to the job now.

While firefighting is an important part of what we do, our crews also help people in a wide range of emergencies. From rescuing people trapped after road traffic collisions and dealing with chemical incidents to using high tech equipment to search for people stuck in collapsed buildings or carrying out rescues from flood waters, the fire and rescue service will be there.

Another important part of what the modern fire and rescue service does is trying to prevent incidents happening in the first place. This is involves visiting homes, schools, colleges and work places to provide advice and information to help local people stay safe.

We need women and men like you, from a wide range of backgrounds with a wide range of skills, to make sure we can continue to provide a first class service.

The more you find out about the fire and rescue service, the more you'll realise that ordinary people really are capable of starting extraordinary careers. You can find out much more from the Fire & Rescue Service area of the Direct Gov website (opens in new window).