Be extra careful with electrics

It is important to take care when using electrical items. If not used correctly or poorly installed, faulty electrics can lead to fire breaking out.

Avoid overloading sockets. Keep to one plug per socket.

  • Use a proper adaptor when using a non UK electrical appliance. Never put two prong plugs into three prong sockets.
  • Don’t use heaters for drying clothes and keep them a safe distance away to avoid them catching fire.
  • Inform your landlord immediately if you are concerned about the electrics in your property. If you notice burn marks around plugs or cables, for example.
  • Don’t fix faulty electrics yourself. Inform your landlord or call a qualified electrician.

Image showing an overloaded power socketAn extension lead or adaptor will have a limit to how many amps it can take, so be careful not to overload them to reduce the risk of fire. Appliances use different amounts of power – a television may use a 3 amp plug and vacuum cleaner a 5 amp plug, for example.


Image showing a two pin plug and a three pin socket