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17 Aug

Four taken to hospital following kitchen…

Ledbury Road, Fishponds Crews from Kingswood and Temple fire stations were called to a fire in...

17 Aug

Crews assist with search following RTC

Long Ashton Bypass, Long Ashton Two crews from Bedminster fire station were called to a road...

16 Aug

Crews called to residential kitchen fire

Ashman Close, Easton Crews from Bedminster and Temple fire stations were called to a kitchen fire...

15 Aug

Male casualty rescued from river

Miles Street, Widcombe   Crews from Bath fire station were called to reports of a male casualty...

14 Aug

Residents unharmed due to smoke alarms

George Street, Weston-super-Mare Crews from Weston and Winscombe fire stations were called to a fire in...

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