Avon Fire Authority to discuss action plan in response to Statutory Inspection

An action plan including 63 separate recommendations in response to the Statutory Inspection into Avon Fire Authority will be discussed by Members at an extraordinary meeting on Thursday (27 July).

The recommendations have been published as a motion by the Chair of Avon Fire Authority, Councillor Donald Davies, and include the following proposals:

  • Limit the tenue of Chair and Vice Chair posts to six years.
  • Consider further collaboration opportunities with blue light services and other partner agencies.
  • Produce organisational strategy and undertake skills gap analysis of Service Management Board and Support Staff roles.
  • Create Inclusion Committee to drive improvement and demonstrate commitment to inclusion agenda. Committee will replace the Fire Authority’s Equalities sub-committee.
  • Initiate cultural audit of organisation.
  • Carry out a review of the Integrated Risk Management Plan, including response standards.
  • Request peer support and assistance from the National Fire Chief’s Council to drive change.
  • Establish Project Management Office to support and coordinate the implementation of the action plan.
  • Provide monthly progress reports to Policing and Fire Minister, Avon Fire Authority and Service Management Board.
  • Review Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service management restructure as example of best practice.
  • Avon Fire Authority will take decisions on Service Management Board on advice of Employment Committee or an independent person.
  • Avon Fire Authority will take decisions on local discretion around Firefighters Pension Scheme arrangements on advice from local pensions board.
  • Suspend abatement policy and stop abatement.
  • Review whistleblowing protocol and create ‘safe spaces’ for employees to use confidential reporting.
  • Set up Service Procurement Group to provide input into the National Framework.

The full report including recommendations and details of the Avon Fire Authority meeting scheduled for Thursday 27 July can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

The Extraordinary Meeting of Avon Fire Authority will be held at Avon Fire & Rescue Service Headquarters at 10.30hrs on Thursday 27 July. Members of the public interested in attending the meeting are directed towards the guidance note regarding ‘Public access to meetings of the Fire Authority.’