AF&RS launch fire safety visits for homes with under 5s

On Home Fire Safety Month, Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) launch home fire safety visits for all families living in a home with a child under five years old.

The free visits are available for all those eligible, including single parents, cohabiting families, large families, adoptive families and many others living with children under the age of five.

AF&RS recognise the dangers and fire hazards in the home for young children, and the parents and guardians caring for those children. These concerns have led to the extension of eligibility criteria to include those visits for all families with children under five.

During free home fire safety visits firefighters provide advice on how to stay safe from fire, including:

  • How to prevent a fire happening
  • What to do in the event of a fire
  • Cooking and electrical safety
  • Planning an escape route
  • Night time routines

Nikki Rice, Home Fire Safety Visit Manager at AF&RS said: “As a Service we are dedicated to keeping our communities safe, and preventing fires in residents’ homes is just one way in which our firefighters use their knowledge to keep local people safe.

“While it is common knowledge that in an emergency you can call 999 and the fire service will arrive, not many people know that we deliver safety visits to check on the safety in homes in our Service area.

“I’d encourage anyone who is eligible to request a home fire safety visit, or to request a visit for someone you care about.

“Our team are not there to judge, they are there to help you make your home safer and give you advice on what to do in the event of fire.”

If you have a child under five in your home or fall into our eligibility criteria, you can book a free home fire safety visit today by calling 0117 926 2061 or by visiting our website. Don’t forget to quote “SEPT5” when you contact us to book your visit.

The free visits tend to last 45 minutes and fire service professionals will be able to answer any questions you might have, and will provide you with a copy of a fire safety in the home booklet, which will help you keep safe in the future and remind you of the advice given at the visit.