Avon Fire and Rescue Service welcomes students to the area

As term starts again, Avon Fire and Rescue Service (AF&RS) remind students to take care of each other on nights out and remember that #MatesMatter.

Both Bristol and Bath provide major hubs for student life, and are lively cities enjoyed by thousands of local people and visitors. With many students new to the area, and many returning, AF&RS are reaching out to students to help them stay safe while at university.

When relocating, it’s important to make your new city feel like home. From getting to know your flatmates to putting up posters, settling in can take some time. There may even be a few mishaps; you wouldn’t be the first to turn your laundry pink or get lost and end up back at the wrong flat. Arguably the best way to settle into your new neighbourhood is getting out and about. Be it fresher’s weeks, welcome fairs, or a night out, there’s something for everyone.

A night out spent with new friends can be great fun, but what happens when it’s time to head home? A group of friends walking home along the water is common sight in our communities, and many of us opt to take a scenic route to take in the views.


As well as enjoying student-life in the city, AF&RS are urging students to look out for one another, and make sure everyone gets home from a night out safely.

Meghann Elvin, Children and Young Persons Manager at AF&RS, said: “Water safety is a huge concern for us, and sadly we see too many young people getting into difficulty in the water after a night out. We’re reminding students new to the area, and those moving back, to remember that #MatesMatter. In all aspects of life, we work as a team – whether in work, as a family or in our friendship groups – and we want people to keep that mentality on a night out.

“While we all want the best for our mates, sadly individuals often get separated from their group or leaving alone at the end of the night. This fresher’s period we’re reminding students to look after their friends around the water. Taking a different route home to avoid the water can ultimately save lives.

“We want to see unnecessary water-related injuries come to an end, but we can only do that if we all work together and think #MatesMatter on every night out.”

The Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) are working hard to share this important water safety messaging, reminding local people #DontDrinkAndDrown and encouraging smart decision making while intoxicated around the water. RLSS UK’s Charity Director Lee Heard, said: “Starting University can be an exciting time full of so many possibilities and new experiences! As much as we encourage students to make the most of university life, it’s still important to keep safe while having fun. Often having a good time is accompanied by alcohol, which in moderation, is fine but when taken excessively, it can leave you unaware of what you are doing.”

“One less frequently spoken danger of that are the risks of walking by a canal or river when in a seriously drunk state. Over the years, many young people have sadly drowned, and research has found a quarter of these to have had alcohol in their system at the time."

Although it may sound simple, keeping yourself and friends away from water after a night out can be enough to save lives!


To find out more about how to stay safe around water, visit our water safety page.