AF&RS launch Easy Read Service Plan

Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) is pleased to announce the launch of its new Easy Read Service Plan.



An Easy Read is an accessible format of a document, used by people with learning disabilities and those who have difficulty with reading/where English may not be a first language.


The Easy Read Service Plan aims to allow more residents to read and understand our vision for the coming years, to ensure our plans for the future of AF&RS are accessible for those interested members of the community to read


The three-year plan sets out how AF&RS will use it's resources to prevent, protect, respond and be resilient to the needs of our communities.


Easy Read is a way of translating difficult and lengthy information and making it easier to understand. Easy Read information uses simple words in short sentences, with pictures to explain the words.


The plan, unanimously approved by Avon Fire Authority on 30 March 2022, strives to ensure the Service continues to deliver a high-quality, effective and efficient, value for money fire and rescue service.


AF&RS Easy Read has been created in partnership with Change, a Learning Disability Rights Charity.


Read AF&RS Easy Read Service Plan


Read AF&RS Full Service Plan