Training exercise tests Bath firefighters’ response to fire in block of flats

Firefighters from Bath Fire Station will be testing their response to a fire in Bath’s only tower block.

Code-named ‘Exercise Nightingale’ the scenario will involve a number of ‘casualties’ in need of rescue from the upper floors of Berkeley House, Snow Hill, Bath.

Three fire engines and the turntable ladder from Bath Fire Station will be attending the exercise on Monday 29 June, with synthetic smoke used to make the ‘incident’ more realistic.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service Group Manager for Bath & North East Somerset Matt Hunt said: “The aim of this exercise is to test our response in the event of a real fire at these flats.

“We carry out a number of training exercises where incidents of this nature are simulated. These opportunities allow us to ensure we are fully prepared in the event of a real emergency and reassure members of the public that we are ready to respond if there is a fire.

“People may notice a number of fire engines and firefighters in the area. Although this is an exercise, in the event of a real emergency on the day dial 999 and ask for the fire and rescue service.”