Householder has lucky escape

Wharf Road, Fishponds, Bristol

A householder had a lucky escape after firefighters rescued him from a smoke filled flat.

Two fire engines from Speedwell Fire Station and one from Kingswood were called after neighbours heard a smoke alarm activating in the flat.

Once on scene, crews were unable to gain a response from inside the property, so broke down the front door. A man in his 40s who had been asleep inside the property was then walked to safety.

Two firefighters in breathing apparatus tackled the small kitchen fire using a high pressure hose reel. It's believed the fire was caused by items left on top of a stove that was switched on. Although smoke had filled the flat only minor fire damage was caused.

The incident highlights the value of smoke alarms, which alerted neighbours to the fire. Smoke alarms provide valuable early warning of a fire and in this case may have saved the life of the householder.