Unattended incense burner causes severe fire

Coleford Road, Southmead

A mother and daughter had a lucky escape after an incense burner caused a severe fire in their living room.  The burner, which was placed on top of a cabinet, was close to curtains which caught alight and quickly spread throughout the room.

Both upstairs at the time of the fire, it was the daughter who discovered the fire when she came downstairs and opened the living room door.  She alerted her mother to the danger, who ran to the kitchen to get a bucket of water to throw on the fire.  Unfortunately by throwing the water on the fire a large amount of smoke was produced, leading to the mother suffering smoke inhalation for which she needed treatment by paramedics.

Firefighters from Southmead and Bedminster where on the scene within minutes.  Wearing breathing apparatus, four of the crew entered the property and used two hose reels to tackle the fire.  During the operation the family’s pet cat was found unconscious.  The animal was bought outside and crews gave the cat oxygen therapy to revive it.

Thermal image cameras were used to ensure all hot spots from the fire were extinguished and a Positive Pressure Ventilation fan was used to disperse the thick smoke.