Cigarette causes fire in family home

Herkomer Close, Lockleaze, Bristol

A man, his partner and a child had a lucky escape after a fire broke out in their home.  The fire started after the gentleman dozed off while smoking in bed, dropping the cigarette onto a rug by the bed, which caught alight.

When crews arrived they found the occupants outside and the rug burning in the front garden after it had been thrown out of the window.

Thankfully the fire had not caught hold in the bedroom, with burning confined to flooring by the bed.

Firefighters used a hose reel to extinguish the flames and fitted smoke alarms in the property. 

AF&RS urges people not to smoke when they feel tired, whether in bed or on the sofa, as a dropped cigarette (or any other smoking materials) can catch alight extremely quickly.  Smokers are urged to use a proper ashtray to extinguish their cigarettes or cigars – remember ‘put it out, right out’.