Cooker destroyed by grill fire

Pendock Road, Oldbury Court, Bristol

A cooker was destroyed by fire when sausages in a grill pan caught light while the occupants were out of the kitchen.

When crews arrived on the scene they found the fire contained to the cooker with smoke and heat damage to the kitchen. Firefighters used a hose reel to extinguish the fire and the positive pressure ventilation fan to disperse the smoke logging.

With no smoke detector in the property, the alarm was raised when one of the occupants went into the kitchen and saw flames coming from the grill. Fortunately all six occupants were able to escape to safety before crews arrived on the scene.

Over half of house fires in the AF&RS area start in the kitchen, many the result of cooking being left unattended.

To avoid finding yourself in a similar situation, always make sure you stay in the kitchen.