Late night cooking ends in disaster

Clare Road, Cossham, Bristol

A smoke alarm saved the day when it alerted a couple to a fire in their cooker extractor fan.  It appears that some cooking left on the stove top caught alight, seeing flames leap into the extractor fan, which caught the extractor pad alight.   

Unfortunately the male occupant tried to put the fire out by throwing water on it, which made the situation worse.  When this didn’t work, both occupants thankfully got outside and called 999.

On arriving at the scene, two Speedwell firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the home and extinguished the fire using a dry powder extinguisher. 

 Fires that start in the kitchen account for more than half of all accidental house fires attended by Avon Fire & Rescue Service crews. 

Many fires start when cooking is left unattended on hobs or under the grill. If you have to leave the room, even for a short time, switch off the power and move cooking from the heat.