Dog rescued from sticky situation

Firefighters on a mud ladder reach Reggie the dog who is stuck in the mud Firefighters came to the rescue of a pet dog which had become stuck up to its neck in a muddy pond while out on a walk.

Crews from Bedminster and Avonmouth were called in after Reggie, the 8 year-old English Bull Terrier, found himself in a sticky situation. The dog had been playing with pals when he jumped into a pond to cool off, only to land in thick mud.

Realising he was stuck fast his smart thinking owner immediately called 999, rather than putting her own safety at risk trying to rescue him.

A A firefighter in a dry suit pulls Reggie from the mud team from Bedminster's Swift Water Rescue Team used an inflatable mud ladder to reach Reggie before making a grab for the stricken pet. He was then floated across the pond and given a quick wash down before being reunited with his relieved owner.

Speaking after the incident she thanked crews saying: "They did an excellent job."

The officer-in-charge of the incident praised the pet owner. He said: "She did exactly the right thing by calling 999. The mud was very thick and she could have easily got stuck herself, so rather than putting herself in danger she asked for help. We have all the training and equipment to deal with this type of emergency and we were happy to help."Reggie steps off the mud ladder to be reunited with his owner