Two women rescued from Bristol RTC

Junction of Illminster Avenue and Tavistock Road, Knowle, Bristol

Two women were taken to hospital after firefighters cut them free from a vehicle involved in a road traffic collision in Bristol.

Two fire engines and a rescue tender from Temple and Bedminster fire stations were called following the collision involving two vehicles.

The cars had collided at a junction, leaving two females trapped within a Ford Focus. The force of the impact sent their car across a pavement, colliding with a lamp post before coming to rest against a hedge, with both nearside wheels around 30cms (12 inches) off the ground.

Firefighters worked alongside paramedics and doctors from Great Western Ambulance Service during a complicated process to rescue both casualties from the vehicle. The efforts of fire crews were hampered by the stability of the vehicle and issues with access as the car was pinned against a large hedge.

During an operation lasting around an hour crews used hydraulic cutting equipment to remove the roof of the car. This allowed the driver to be rescued through the side of the vehicle and then taken to hospital with suspected leg and pelvic injuries. The passenger was rescued via the rear of the vehicle; she was also taken to hospital with head injuries.

No one in the second vehicle was injured in the collision.