Crews tackle factory fire

Bonville Road, Brislington, Bristol

Fire crews were involved in a protracted incident after fire broke out in machinery at a factory used to make vehicle brake pads.

Around 25 to 30 staff evacuated the building on hearing the smoke alarm system activate and were out when crews arrived on the scene.

When firefighters entered the building they discovered the fire in the machinery, used to clean metal, had spread via an extractor fan to the nearby pallets which were stored on a mezzanine level.

With the pallets well alight within the building and a great deal of smoke generated by the blaze, the initial crews from Brislington and Keynsham called for additional support from colleagues at Temple and Speedwell.

A total of six firefighters wearing breathing apparatus (BA), a jet and two high pressure hose reels were brought in during the course of firefighting operations.

Crews spent considerable time on the scene dragging the burning pallets on the mezzanine to the floor below and damping down and turning over the debris.