Firefighters rescue day-old kittens

Avebury Road, Ashton, Bristol

Four, day-old kittens had their first and, hopefully only, encounter with fire crews when they were rescued from under the floorboards of a house in Ashton.

The tiny bundles were detected when the owners heard noises from under the floor of an upstairs bedroom. It appears their cat had chosen a very private place to give birth after finding a route through a hole in the airing cupboard.

Having pulled up a few floorboards, the owners called for help after realising the kittens were trapped further. And, after making sure the kittens were safe from the work taking place above, firefighters removed several more floorboards before carrying the animals out and to safety.

The kittens were none the worse for wear for their ordeal and are rumoured to have been named after their rescuers from White Watch Bedminster, who are pictured above with owners four-year old Evie and six-year old Jake.