Man injured during kitchen fire

Crome Road, Southmead, Bristol

A man has been left with burns to his hand after he attempted to tackle a fire involving a pan of oil.

The 24 year old was injured after the hob was turned on accidentally, causing a pan of oil standing on the hob to heat up and catch fire.

The man attempted to put the fire out by throwing water on to the flames, which created a fire ball.

When firefighters arrived they found the man, his 26 year old partner and three children aged three months, two and six years old, at the property.

The fire was already out, but firefighters treated the man’s burns using their trauma care pack. He was also given oxygen therapy as he was suffering from shock.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service would like to remind people to take care when cooking with fat or oil as it can catch fire. Never leave cooking unattended and never throw water on to a burning pan of oil or fat as this will make the fire worse and can cause burns which last a lifetime.