Eldery woman suffers burns during fire

Richmond Terrace, Clifton, Bristol

An 83 year-old woman has been treated for burns to her hands by firefighters after a blaze at her home.

When firefighters arrived on the scene they found the woman, who lives in the second floor flat, being led to safety by a neighbour. Crews used burns gel from their trauma care pack to treat the woman’s hands, but she was not taken to hospital.

The fire, which started accidentally after cooking was left unattended, was very small, however firefighters used a positive pressure ventilation fan to ventilate the flat, which was heavily smoke logged.

Much of the damage was confined to the cooker area of the kitchen but there was also smoke damage to the rest of the flat.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service would like to remind people never to leave cooking unattended as it can lead to fire breaking out.

Fortunately in this case there were smoke alarms in the property, which alerted the woman to the fire. Working smoke alarms can provide an early warning sign that a fire has broken out and give occupants vital extra minutes to escape, particularly at night.