Pensioner rescued from house fire

Turnberry Walk, Brislington, Bristol

A pensioner was rescued by firefighters after a fire broke out in her home.

Crews from Bedminster and Brislington fire stations were called after a report of alarms activating at the bungalow. Once on scene crews could hear a smoke alarm and were told by neighbours that there may someone in the property.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus broke down the door of the house to begin a search. When they opened the door to a lounge they found a female unconscious in the heavily smoke logged room. She was immediately carried from the property where fire crews began emergency first aid.

Using trauma care equipment crews revived the woman, thought to be aged in her 70s. Once she had regained consciousness she was transported to hospital by paramedics who had also attended the scene.

During the course of the search a pet dog was also safely rescued.

The fire is believed to have been caused by smoking materials which had set light to casualty’s bed. Due to mobility issues it is thought that the lady was unable to get out of the bed. She was able to raise the alarm by pressing a button to contact an emergency care provider. The operator heard the smoke alarm activating and immediately alerted Avon Fire & Rescue Service.

Wednesday 9 March is ‘No smoking day’ during which Avon Fire & Rescue Service is urging smokers to take extra care. Households with a smoker in the home are at significantly increased risk of suffering an accidental house fire.

Smoking outside greatly reduces the risk of a fire and once you have finished smoking make sure you fully extinguish the cigarette in a suitable ash tray. Remember, put it out, right out.

This incident also highlights the value of smoke alarms which meant the fire and rescue service was quickly notified, saving vital minutes.