Home Fire Safety Visit saves the day

Botham Drive, Brislington, Bristol

An elderly woman has had a lucky escape after a fire at her home.

It appears the 94 year-old left a pan on the hob unattended, which caught light.

When firefighters arrived they found a small fire in the kitchen.

Fortunately just last month firefighters had visited the premises to carry out a free Home Fire Safety Visit, fitting smoke detectors and offering fire safety advice.

So when the smoke alarms activated the woman quickly closed the door to the kitchen to prevent the fire spreading, before leaving the house and dialing 999 for the fire service.

In following this advice the fire was confined to the kitchen, with very little damage to the property.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service would like to remind people to never leave cooking unattended as it can lead to fire breaking out.

The service offers free Home Fire Safety Visits to vulnerable members of the community. To book yours call 0117 926 2061.

Home Fire Safety Visit saves the day