Woman rescued from house fire

Oakleigh Avenue, Whitehall, Bristol

Firefighters have rescued a woman in her 80s from a house fire.

When crews arrived at the property they found a fire in the ground floor of the house. The woman, who was overcome by smoke, was rescued and taken to hospital by ambulance suffering from smoke inhalation and burns to her leg.

Two firefighters entered the property and tackled the fire using one high pressure hose reel. A positive pressure ventilation fan was used to clear the smoke.

It’s thought the fire started accidentally after smoking materials set light to an armchair.

Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) would like to remind people to take care when smoking and to ensure all smoking materials are fully extinguished after use.

It appears the occupant was alerted to the fire by a smoke detector which had been fitted by AF&RS a few months ago. Once the device activated it alerted the occupant to the fire and she then triggered her personal alarm which is linked to a call centre and they alerted AF&RS.

AF&RS would like to highlight the importance of working smoke alarms which can give occupants vital extra minutes to escape the property in the event of fire. The service will visit the homes of the most vulnerable in the community to discuss fire safety and fit smoke alarms if required.

The living room and the hallway of the property were left damaged by fire and smoke.