Home fire safety visits

Home Fire Safety Visits

Download our COVID-19 Fire Safety In The Home leaflet

Fire safety in your home

By making a few simple changes you can reduce the risk of fire happening in your home, and we provide advice and information to help you do this, including:

You can also download a copy of our Fire Safety in the Home Booklet, the booklet is available in alternative languages here. You can also use the Home Fire Safety Checklist and the Fire Kills campaign have created a BSL Fire safety in the home video that you can watch.

Home Fire Safety Visits

Through our targeted prevention work we provide further support to the most vulnerable members of our community, ie those who may be more at risk of having a fire in their home and therefore need us most. In these cases we may carry out a free Home Fire Safety Visit.

What is a Home Fire Safety Visit?

This is a free pre-arranged visit to your home to carry out a fire safety assessment and provide you with advice on how to stay safe from fire, including:

  • how to prevent fire happening
  • what to do in the event of a fire
  • cooking and electrical safety
  • planning an escape route
  • and a night time routine

If we find you need smoke alarms fitting in your home or that existing faulty alarms need replacing, we will do this free of charge during our visit. There may also be other help we can offer specific to your circumstances, such as additional fire safety equipment or referring you (with consent) to an organisation or agency that may be able to offer you further support.

The visit is free and will last approximately 45 minutes depending on your circumstances. Our staff will be able to answer any questions you may have, and we will provide you with a copy of our Fire Safety in the Home booklet which is available in alternative easy to read formats and a limited number of languages upon request.

If you are a referring agency please complete our agency referral form.

Other ways to request a free Home Fire Safety Visit

Telephone - 0117 926 2061